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Improving supply chain strategic and tactical decision making

Supply Chain Consulting Services

Our mission is to empower companies to achieve end-to-end supply chain cost and service goals by leveraging the power of data, decision intelligence, and industry best practices.


Current State Assessment and Opportunity Identification

Through in-depth data analysis we help understand the current state and find improvement opportunities.

We provide data driven recommendations to support supply chain decision making.

Data Driven Recommendations

Model Building and Solution Delivery

We use advanced techniques and tools to deliver efficient, easy to use, and practical solutions for sustainable use.

Solution Adoption and Integration

We guide organizations in adopting analytical solutions and help them integrate it into their processes.

Our services cover end to end supply chain. 


“Decision Spot helped SimpleTire advance our network optimization by building an innovative, ingenious model. This model provided the ability for us to optimize for revenue, margin, and service in close to real-time.  It has been one of SimpleTire’s most critical factors for success in 2022, and now we are on a very fast track in 2023.”



Chief Supply Chain Officer, SimpleTire

At Decision Spot, our core focus lies in delivering measurable and sustainable value to our clients. Our commitment is to ensure that clients maximize their return on investment from our solutions. Below, you will find a snapshot of the value we have added for our clients, showcasing real-world examples of our success.

Client Results


Increase in an online retailer’s profit

Reduction in a CPG Company’s Safety Stock


Improvement in a Manufacturer’s Raw Material Price Prediction



Increase in an online retailer’s profit


Reduction in a CPG company’s safety stock


Improvement in a manufacturer’s raw material price prediction

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