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A new approach to supply chain strategic planning

Elevate Your Supply Chain Design With Foresta™

An easy-to-use and comprehensive solution that addresses the pain points in the current supply chain design process.

Foresta™ represents a new era in supply chain design, developed by leading practitioners and built on the most advanced cloud architecture and optimization technologies. With Foresta, you'll gain unparalleled speed, flexibility, and scalability to solve complex supply chain problems and achieve operational success.


End to End Supply Chain Design




Warehouses & Fulfillment Centers


(DCs, Stores, Consumers)

Perform greenfield analysis

Evaluate facility open/close/expansion decisions

Optimize product flow and mode mix

Optimize Supply Chain Network

Optimize your inventory

Evaluate working capital impact

Balance cost and service

Optimize Inventory

Optimize delivery routes

Improve TLU

Create pool/sailing schedule

Optimize direct store delivery

Evaluate cross-docks​

Optimize Transportation

Optimize peak season fulfillment plan

Evaluate fulfillment strategies for their impact on cost and service

Optimize workforce requirements and costs

Optimize Fulfillment Operations

Powerful scenario management

Run multiple scenarios in parallel

Detailed reports and actionable insights

Efficiently Manage and Analyze Scenarios




Easy to Use


Foresta™ is a cloud-based SaaS tool that provides speed, flexibility, and scalability, along with state-of-the-art security compliance, including: SOC II Type 1 and Type 2, ISO 27001

Information Security Compliant

Visualize results in the most popular tools such as PowerBI and Tableau and save time

Integrated with PowerBI and Tableau

API Integration

Easily connect to your internal or external data systems​

Integrated with FreightWaves, SMC3 and more

3rd Party Data Source Integration

Available on the cloud of your choice

Cloud Agnostic

Find out how Foresta can benefit you

At Decision Spot, our core focus lies in delivering measurable and sustainable value to our clients. Our commitment is to ensure that clients maximize their return on investment from our solutions. Below, you will find a snapshot of the value we have added for our clients, showcasing real-world examples of our success.

Client Results


Increase in an online retailer’s profit

Reduction in a CPG Company’s Safety Stock


Improvement in a Manufacturer’s Raw Material Price Prediction



Increase in an online retailer’s profit


Reduction in a CPG company’s safety stock


Improvement in a manufacturer’s raw material price prediction

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