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Foresta   Supply Chain Design Use Cases


Foresta  goes beyond modeling to seamlessly integrating the supply chain models into strategic planning process for sustainable decision making. Here are some of the supply chain modeling use cases:

A Holistic Approach to Supply Chain Strategic and Tactical Decision Making


    • Merger and Acquisition analysis

    • Greenfield analysis and site selection

    • Facility footprint optimization

    • Product flow optimization

    • Sourcing optimization

    • Risk and Resiliency

    • Sustainability and Carbon Footprint

    • Landed cost / Cost to serve

    • Manufacturing capacity

    • Network consolidation

    • Distribution planning

    • Reverse logistics

    • Labor and capacity planning

    • Warehouse capacity and throughput

    • Annual budget planning

    • Capacity Planning

    • Sales and Operations Planning

    • Spare Parts Network Design

    • Transshipments

    • Order Assignment

    • Load consolidation and pooling

    • Multi-modal dynamic routing

    • Pick-up and Delivery

    • Cross-dock Consolidation

    • Mode selection

    • Fleet sizing

    • Static route optimization (Milk runs)

    • Vehicle assignment

    • Inventory simulation

    • Inventory strategy

    • Cost and service trade-off

    • Inventory optimization

    • Spare parts inventory optimization

    • E-commerce fulfillment strategies

    • Service level optimization

    • Inventory mix optimization

    • Omnichannel network design

    • Omnichannel process capacity optimization

    • SKU assortment

    • Zone skipping analysis

    • Labor planning


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“Decision Spot helped SimpleTire advance our network optimization by building an innovative, ingenious model. This model provided the ability for us to optimize for revenue, margin, and service in close to real-time.  It has been one of SimpleTire’s most critical factors for success in 2022, and now we are on a very fast track in 2023.”


Chief Supply Chain Officer, SimpleTire


“We experienced quick and substantial improvements thanks to Decision Spot. Their strong SME knowledge in supply chain and exceptional AI expertise ensured we achieved our business objectives efficiently.”


VP of Supply Chain Americas, Plexus Corp

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